Accelerate your business

Supporting founders from idea stage through to raising a Series A, helping you refine your concept, get traction, and build a scalable business.

How is this different from an accelerator?

We are not here to give you large sum of money or office space, instead we work closely with you to build a solid base to grow your business and avoid all the mistakes we made.
Also worth mentioning that at this stage we don't take any equity and all of the IP created belongs to you. You also don't need to be a registered company to get started, just a brilliant idea.

We are a group of people who love creating new products and get involved in helping startups. We have the expertise and knowledge of getting ideas off the ground - fail fast or succeed type of way.
People have often come to us with an idea but not quite the tools or the support to make it flourish. This is why Start it and Grow it were created.

Start itGrow it

Who is behind the programmes?