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In 2014 P&O Ferries partnered with Starcom and Publicis Media Group to bring a new approach to their marketing campaigns and deliver an engaging experience to P&O Ferries’ customers. We’ve closely worked with Starcom to deliver more than just a marketing campaign, but a product which delivers real value to the user and a fun and inspiring experience.

A better way to discover

The Adventure Planner takes into consideration with who you are travelling, how and what interests you have to give you the best results.

With so many destinations at their fingertips, the planner helps users finding what they are looking for, even if they are not sure what it is yet. All the information are available in one place including how to get there, where to sleep and what to visit.

You can reach amazing locations in France, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, and guess what? They are all just a ferry ride away!

Ever wanted to go away for a weekend but didn’t really knew where? The Adventure Planner makes it easy for you to choose from lots of exciting destinations depending on your preferences.

Most popular destinations
Map View
Find a place to stay
Nearby attractions
Practical information
Directions, tickets and timetables

Everything in one template

P&O editors have discovered the most beautiful gems to visit, we helped them organise the destinations with easy to use, flexible templates. This way each location can contain unique highlights, city maps, activities, including being able to translate the content in various languages. This enables the team to create exclusive content for specific target audiences.

"I’ve been impressed with Code & Wander’s dedication, enthusiasm and openness."

Ian Roberts

Senior Associate Director

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