Recruiting excellence


Dan and Jeoren approached us in early May 2018 with an idea to transform the recruitment of world-class corporate talent. They identified the pain points of current solutions and shared their vision of a new, more modern solution.

Soaring metrics.

Since Swap’s inception, the platform has done exceptionally well, with more than 3,500 users signing up to the platform and over 3,000 applications being made. A number of features - that could also be seen as standalone products - have also been developed. A CRM to manage Candidates, Employers and Jobs, a Job Funnel to manage the Application pipeline and a CMS to edit Profiles.


At a Glance.

With new data flowing into the system on a daily basis, the dashboard allows Administrators to quickly see various metrics related to each data entity and also any new User and Applications that require moderation.

Lightning-Fast Search

Swap quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of Candidates signing up, so together we swiftly devised a solution that would allow Administrators to locate a specific Candidate, fast.

"We built the Talent Ladder platform with React, GraphQL, whilst hosting the service on AWS with DynamoDB, then distributing it with CodeBuild & CloudFront. This stack gives us the ultimate flexibility to build anything that would need to be added to the Talent Ladder platform, whilst also providing unlimited potential for scaling the product up as the project grows."

Jack Evans

Full-Stack Developer, Code & Wander

Beautiful Profiles

For each Candidate, Employer and Job we designed a flexible Profile page that would adapt to whatever content it housed. Due to the complexity of the Fund Profiles we also introduced a powerful CMS that would allow Administrators to build their own designs, using a bespoke drag-and-drop interface.

"Thank you very much! Your application system was very quick, easy to navigate and probably the best I’ve seen so far."


Talent Ladder Candidate

Recruitment pipeline

Swap’s application pipeline is a tight-knit process involving numerous stages. To manage applications between these stages we opted for a Kanban approach that allows Administrators to drag applications to different stages in the process.

"No off-the-shelf solution would give the Talent Ladder team the functionality they required, so we designed a bespoke CMS/CRM hybrid that allowed them to manage their applicants with ease."

Jack Evans

Full-Stack Developer, Code & Wander

Clean. Sophisticated.

As development of the platform progressed, a design system grew. Due to the corporate nature of Swap’s brand, we felt including an overall smoothness to the whole interface would introduce a little playfulness. Alongside custom iconography and geometric typography, a library of reusable components was designed.

"Working with the team at Code & Wander is a pleasure. They have the powerful combination of being able to design beautiful products and also build them in a robust and scalable manner. We get a lot of compliments on our tech from clients and candidates and that’s all thanks to the C&W team!"

Dan Silvertown

Co-Founder, Talent Ladder

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