Software Engineer, Backend

Hi there!

We're a couple of techies looking to outfit our boutique agency, Code & Wander, with a full-stack developer.

C&W at its heart is a digital (product) agency/studio based in London...basically we build apps, websites, AR/VR experiences, games...anything digital we can get our hands on.

We're meticulous over pixels and tidy codebases that use all the latest and greatest frameworks/libraries.

You should be interested if:

  • You love JavaScript/TypeScript/Node (PHP)
  • You play with React (Native), GraphQL and all the other nooks and crannies (Hooks, Redux (sagas), Apollo, Styled Components etc)
  • You wonder what the new HTML/CSS/JS specs include
  • You dabble with servers, AWS services (CodeBuild/CodePipeline, S3, DynamoDB, ElasticSearch) a plus
  • You enjoy writing the occasional, reassuring test for your deployment pipeline
  • You love working with clients and helping your own colleagues grow
  • You revel in blank canvases and starting projects from scratch
  • You understand what makes good UI/UX
  • You've worked with clients/agencies/startups for 2 years
  • You just want to build awesome shit

And also:

  • If you love flexible hours, so long as the work is done, we're happy ☺️
  • The occasional 'workation', the last one we decided to work from NYC for a week
  • Everything our co-working space has to offer: Free coffee/tea/snacks, events, massages, quiet pods etc

When applying, please shoot over any online profiles like Github, a description of work history (CV or Linkedin etc) and also what you're looking for, what projects you've enjoyed working on and what motivates you.

Also open to remote :)