Designing and building the Green Skills Hub

Creating a platform for users to find work, and training courses within the Green industry.
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The Green Skills Hub required a platform that allowed them to post multiple jobs and training courses.
Design and develop a CMS-powered website that allows the client to fully manage their courses and job postings.
The Green Skills Hub can manage all jobs and training courses themselves using Webflow's CMS.

Filter, search and sort

We added in the functionality for users to easily search through different jobs and training courses while also having the ability to filter and sort their results. Giving users this ability makes it easier for them to find the job(s) and training course(s) that may be most relevant to them.

Manage dynamic content with the CMS

Using Webflow's powerful CMS, The Green Skills Hub is able to easily update, add and remove any jobs and training courses. The CMS makes it easy to navigate and manage all of your dynamic content using text fields, drop-downs and toggles to update any of your content.

Client manageable, user focused

We wanted to also make sure that the website was user-friendly. We focused on following UI & UX design principles to make sure that users could easily navigate the website, and locate the information they may require.

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