Webflow design & Development subscription services

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Comprehensive care for your Webflow site
Elevate your team's potential with our dedicated subscriptions. Pause or cancel anytime.


The only agency that offers Design, Development and SEO, all in one simple subscription.

Dedicated experts

Have a whole group of experts join your team, just one message away, accessible to your entire team.

Best quality

We follow best practices in design, development, SEO and everything we do.

Quick turnaround

We'll get started on the tasks within 48h with the average task being completed within a few days.

Swift communication

Join our Slack so we become part of your team. Anyone from your team can message us whenever they need us.

Flat fee

Keep your costs stable and predictable with a monthly flat fee.

Flexible and scalable

It's rolling, so you can pause, cancel, scale up or down whenever you need to.

Uniquely yours

All of the designs are created for our brand and crafted uniquely for you.

Webflow partner

We collaborate with Webflow to review the latest features before they are accessible to the public, so we can always see what is coming.

“I can't rate the team at Code & Wander highly enough”

I can't rate the team at Code & Wander highly enough. We've worked with them on several projects now and each time they've delivered. Alessia and the team are really approachable, friendly and a delight to work with. If you're looking for a development partner that will truly act as an extension of your team then look no further.

Luke Willetts
Head of Brand Design
“I have already recommended their services to our other brands”

I have been working with C&W for 2+ years now and they have been extremely easy to work with. The team has a positive, can do attitude and enjoys problem solving. Always open to suggestions and new ways of working. It's been a pleasure and I am excited to continue collaborating! I have already recommended their services to our other brands and will always continue to recommend them to others.

Leoni Moninska
Senior Content Marketing Exec
Reliable as in-house.
Skills of a full team.
Simple as a subscription.
All in one place.

How it works

Three steps to transform your Webflow experience.

Submit your requests

Subscribe to a plan, submit your request on Slack or create a ticket on ClickUp.


Receive the result

We'll get started on the tasks within 48h with the average task being completed within 3 days.


Refine with feedback

Give feedback until you are 100% satisfied with the result.

We can help with

Webflow development
JavaScript development
Security improvements
Bug fixes
Web design
Design systems
Logos & branding
Improving convertion rates
Landing pages
SEO improvements


Select a plan depending on your needs.
All plans are monthly rolling and can be changed, paused or cancelled at any time.


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Focusing on small essential tasks, making sure everything is working smoothly.

Add 2 experts to your team:
  • Webflow Developer
  • Designer
Small design tasks (less than a page)
Perfect for quick fixes or updates, such as tweaking your homepage's hero section, revising the footer layout, or optimising mobile responsiveness for a single section.
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Webflow development tasks
Dedicated Slack channel


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Power-up your team with experts in design and development best practices.

Add 3 experts to your team:
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Webflow Developer
  • Designer
Medium design tasks (less than 2 pages)
Ideal for more involved enhancements like redesigning your product feature list, creating a new 'About Us' section complete with your team's photos and bios, or developing a new landing page for your upcoming marketing campaign.
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Webflow development tasks
Custom JavaScript code
Dedicated Slack channel
Dedicated ClickUp board (task management)
Basic animations and interactions
Basic SEO improvements


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Improve conversions, design and best practises without having to request tasks.

Add 5 experts to your team:
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Webflow Developer
  • Designer
  • SEO Specialist
  • Product Manager
Any design tasks
From a complete site overhaul to intricate, interactive page elements, our team is equipped to handle your most ambitious Webflow projects. This includes rebranding exercises, multi-page layout designs, or creating dynamic content structures for your growing content library.
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Webflow development tasks
Custom JavaScript code
Dedicated Slack channel
Dedicated ClickUp board (task management)
Monthly catchups
Animations and interactions
Full SEO audit
Tasks and improvements suggestions
We'll review the analytics, design and SEO to create a list of suggestions to improve the site. If approved, we'll implement those suggestions without you having to create tasks.
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Custom brief

If you are looking for a one off solution or a more traditional retainer? Get in touch to create a plan that works for you.

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Frequent Questions

What can we work on?

Depending on the plan, the hours can be used on whatever you need at the time, it can be design, development, auditing, UX, training, you name it! We are here to help your company grow and make sure your digital campaigns go smoothly.

Who is it for?

We work with both startups and enterprises. Subscriptions work best with companies that have regular work, these can be creating new pages, adding features, ongoing redesigns and regular marketing campaigns.

Why not hire a freelancer?

With Code & Wander you have access to a full team with a variety of skills. These can be design, Webflow development, Javascript development, SEO and more. You would need to hire multiple freelancers to have the same level of expertise.

How many requests can I submit?

All of the subscriptions allow for unlimited requests. These will be tackled one at the time in your priority order by the team member that fits the skillset of the task.

What if I want a fixed price quote?

If you are looking for a more traditional scoping method with specific timeframes, we do those too! Schedule a call and we'll run through the requirements together.

How fast is the turnaround?

The average task is completed within 3 days. The turnaround will depend on the size of the task, if we think the task might take longer we will let you know as soon as possible.

What if I have multiple sites?

We can maintain multiple sites with one plan and tasks will be tackled one at the time regardless of the site. If you would like multiple sites to be worked on simultaneously, you will need a plan per site.

How does billing work?

Payment is being processed through Stripe subscription. Payment is taken automatically at the start of each billing cycle on a rolling monthly arrangement. If you would like to pause or change plan you can manage your subscription here.

Can I pause the subscription?

Yes! You can manage your subscription here. You will receive a void invoice for every paused month.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! Whether is after the first month or after years of working together. You can manage your subscription here.

Who will work on the requests?

We will get the best expert to work on the requests. SEO tasks will be handled by an SEO specialist, custom code will be written by a full-stack developer and design work created by a designer. So you know that whatever tasks you have will be handled to the highest standard.


Ready for peace of mind?

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