A complete redesign for car insurance

We completely redesigned their car insurance page from the ground up
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Providing users with enough information to choose an insurance provider, while keeping the design and layout engaging and easy to use.
Divide the page into bite-size chunks to allow for a smooth user experience.
An easy to navigate, and well informed landing page to help you make an informed decision, when choosing car insurance providers.

Time to compare

We wanted to simplify the visual journey a user will have when approaching various sections, for example this call to action. Our goal was to follow a minimalistic colour palette and the use of icons to highlight the ease of comparing car insurance quotes.

Selecting the type of insurance can be difficult

We wanted to make this process simple for users, as there are often many different factors to take into consideration when choosing what type of insurance you're going to use. To create a positive user experience, we wanted to easily highlight if an insurance type covers a specific scenario/incident by using icons that users are already familiar with, while breaking the section into various compartments to not overwhelm the user with information.


Our overall approach when redesigning The Independent's Car Insurance page was to keep the user as informed as possible, while not overwhelming them with long-form text. We did this by "compartmentalising" or "dividing" sections of the page into easy to read, bite-sized pieces of information, through the use of icons, brand colours and spacing.

A big focus, on small screens

As this landing page is rich in information, we were mindful that it was important to adapt the design and layout for mobile users. To help users in navigating the page, we turned a few components into "swipe-able" elements to help users in quickly moving from one section to another and to avoid too much scrolling.

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