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We focus on what makes a great product, from branding to development, whatever the industry.


Not just a well crafted logo but how something makes you feel. How it reacts, behaves and breaths to an ever-changing environment. Great brands don’t only thrive because of their roots, but their drive to evolve. Core values should not only distinguish a company, but also give it room to grow. Only then will it become timeless.

We help bridge the gap between your values and how they are communicated to your customers; telling stories that lay the foundations for long-lasting relationships. Typefaces, colour, tone of voice, these all play a part, but it’s their combination that evoke the emotions and memories that ensures returning customers.


Products shape our lives. Whether you’re editing a photo or hitting send on an email, a product is at your finger tips. But behind those candy like buttons is a team like ours, deliberating over pixels and crafting the perfect user experience.

At C&W we’re capable of handling all stages of a products lifecycle. Whether it’s an initial ‘Discovery’ meeting for understanding requirements or the development of entirely new features, we see ourselves as a creative partner and an extension to your existing team. We’re in this for the long term, your success is our success.

"Our true passion lies in delivering products that solve genuine problems. There is no greater pleasure than contributing to something that might improve someones daily struggles or add a little joy to their average day."

Liam McCabe

Co-Founder, Code & Wander


Communication is key in almost every aspect of life and building a company and brand is no different. With effective communication, companies can understand their customers and realise that they're in this together. That the importance of attracting new business is just as important as satisfying a persons needs and wants.

We focus on the design and development, but if you are looking for the more literal term of marketing and campaign launching, crunching those numbers and getting those signups, we partner with companies that specialise in just that - giving you the best results.

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