A new design system for birdie

Creating a modular design system for the marketing team to easily grow the site.
2022 - ongoing
“Their attitude, knowledge and flexibility gives me reassurance that we are in safe hands.”

We have a wonderful relationship with C&W, their attitude, knowledge and flexibility gives me reassurance that we are in safe hands. They are an extension of my team and are assisting with the brand refresh we are currently going through as well as day-to-day website support. Always on hand to help us.

Danny Greenwood
Brand Designer
A redesign was necessary to ensure that the site aligned with the new brand guidelines.
We developed a design system as the foundation for the website's design.
A modular site that utilises their new design system allows for faster creation of new pages.

Modular focused

Creating a design system that revolves around modular and atom components has enabled us to simplify and speed up the page-building process for Birdie. This works well with Webflow's, as it allows us to construct pages more efficiently while still maintaining their unique qualities. Embracing this approach has resulted in a noticeable increase in our productivity, allowing us to create pages more quickly without sacrificing their individuality.

Build production improvement

Similar to the above, not only were we able to design pages faster using a design system, we were also able to build pages at an improved rate thanks to the design system, which allowed us to have a quicker turn-around time in shipping new pages for Birdie.

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