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Transforming film production, one film at a time.
2020 - 2022
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Create a one stop solution for film production.
A new process for tackling staff managmnet.
A web and mobile app for sourcing, managing and keeping everything in sync.

Film production is still in its infancy when it comes to digital enlightenment. Data is all over the place from spreadsheets to paper-based notes and communication is handled through multiple disconnected channels. James and Tony - two location managers, noticed this and came to us with an grand idea to transform the way films are produced.


Practically all areas of film production need a touch of ‘digital enlightenment’ but to keep efforts small and achievable, James and Tony decided to tackle staff availability.

To discover if someone is available means first sourcing individuals from numerous platforms such as Facebook and Whatsapp and then manually asking them if they are available. As you can imagine this becomes tedious very quickly.


After a discovery session we dove straight into wireframing. More recently we’ve been introducing a little colour to our mockups, as well as the odd element that is more likely to be seen in the high-fidelity design.

We found this reduces the imagination required to envision what the final product might look like. By essentially combining the User Experience and User Interface phase of design we’re able to deliver an MVP in a fraction of the time.


As the app had to work on both iOS and Android, we opted to use React Native to half the development time. Instead of writing two codebases we could write a single one that compiles to both iOS and Android.

To compliment React Native we chose to use Amplify for it’s tried and tested implementations of various AWS services such as, User Authentication, APIs, Storage and Notifications.

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