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2018 - 2020
“Working with the team at Code & Wander is a pleasure”

Working with the team at Code & Wander is a pleasure. They have the powerful combination of being able to design beautiful products and also build them in a robust and scalable manner. We get a lot of compliments on our tech from clients and candidates and that’s all thanks to the C&W team!

Dan Silvertown
To create a performant recruitment platform.
The best filtering solution to find the right candidates.
Talent Ladder has been acquired after 2 years.

At a Glance.

With new data flowing into the system on a daily basis, the dashboard allows Administrators to quickly see various metrics related to each data entity and also any new User and Applications that require moderation.

Lightning-Fast Search

Talent Ladder quickly became overwhelmed with the amount of Candidates signing up, so together we swiftly devised a solution that would allow Administrators to locate a specific Candidate, fast.

Beautiful Profiles

For each Candidate, Employer and Job we designed a flexible Profile page that would adapt to whatever content it housed. Due to the complexity of the Fund Profiles we also introduced a powerful CMS that would allow Administrators to build their own designs, using a bespoke drag-and-drop interface.

Recruitment pipeline

Swap’s application pipeline is a tight-knit process involving numerous stages. To manage applications between these stages we opted for a Kanban approach that allows Administrators to drag applications to different stages in the process.

Clean. Sophisticated.

As development of the platform progressed, a design system grew. Due to the corporate nature of Swap’s brand, we felt including an overall smoothness to the whole interface would introduce a little playfulness. Alongside custom iconography and geometric typography, a library of reusable components was designed.

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