Bringing EMS to London

Urban Fitness needed to adapt their brand to the London market.
Landing Pages
“Un team di ragazzi giovani, innovativi ed esperti”

Abbiamo scelto Code & Wander per la realizzazione del sito web e per il lancio sul mercato inglese della nostra attività Urban Fitness. Un team di ragazzi giovani, innovativi ed esperti, che hanno compreso da subito le nostre esigenze e le hanno tradotte nel modo migliore possibile!

Ileana Conselvan
Marketing and Logistic Manager
They required a brand and design update to cater to the upscale London market.
Introducing their offering with a fresh, edgy fitness brand design.
Their first studio in London has officially opened.

After opening over 60 gyms in Italy, Urban Fitness decided to expand to London and needed a partner to align their digital presence and marketing to the UK market. With its flagship store on Fulham Road, the most efficient way to exercise just landed in London.

A new site for a new market

We started by elevating the brand and give it a more recognisable character. When you go past the store front, you know it’s Urban Fitness and not just another gym.

The site is simple and conveys the right amount of information to get you started. As every first steps, keep it simple, keep it lean.

The shop front

Keeping brand consistent, we also designed the shop front to make sure it stands out at every time of day.

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