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Reaching new customers via viral tools.
2020 - ongoing
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“I have already recommended their services to our other brands”

I have been working with C&W for 2+ years now and they have been extremely easy to work with. The team has a positive, can do attitude and enjoys problem solving. Always open to suggestions and new ways of working. It's been a pleasure and I am excited to continue collaborating! I have already recommended their services to our other brands and will always continue to recommend them to others.

Leoni Moninska
Senior Content Marketing Exec
“The tool is even better than we imagined!”

We've loved working with Code & Wander. Despite a mega tight deadline, Alessia and her team managed to turn it around with no sacrifices made to quality or design. The tool is even better than we imagined! It looks great on our site and Alessia was more than happy to speak with different members of our team on brand and code to ensure it was the right fit. We now plan to use Code & Wander for all our tool needs! Thanks!

Lucy Moffat
Content Marketing Executive
Enhance engagement and interactivity in their outreach campaigns.
Customised interactive tools such as calculators and quizzes designed specifically for the campaign.
A new way for their customers to interact with the brand.

Over recent years Uswitch have started to add numerous interactive elements to their articles, giving their audience a new way to engage with them as a brand. From simple surveys to tools that allow you to calculate your mobile data usage requirements, we've been helping Uswitch to design and develop these tools. The results have been clear with more traffic driven to articles and longer engagement.

Emoji Campaign

Are emojis the new language of love? We made a tool that allowed you to find out the most commonly used emojis used by a variety of demographics whilst trying to seduce their partners. The Egyptians made hieroglyphics the key way of communicating 5000 years ago and it looks like we're on the way back there, albeit in a digital form

Mobile Data Calculator

How much data is enough in the 21st century? A quarter of smartphone users run out of mobile data every other month, with 2.9 million people running out of mobile data within the first ten days of their monthly allowance, so we built a tool to let people figure out how much data they need each month!

Handset Comparison

What kind of smartphone user are you? With so many different smartphones to choose from, it can be hard to figure out which handset is best for you, so our tool allowed users to compare the features of the latest phones to help them pick the right device!


Carbon offsetting by changing your diet - can it be done? With the new year fast approaching, Uswitch had identified that a proportion of  people in the UK had set their new years resolution and that it was going to be going Vegan for January. Our tool allowed users to calculate their total Co2 output by analysing their diet, transport habits and energy usage in the home to measure the different they could make by going Vegan.

CO2 Offset Calculator

Following on the from the success of the Veganary tool, we added additional functionality and rebranded the tool so that it could be used any time of the year.

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